The Last Broadcast, 2021

The Last Broadcast, 2021



It’s Monday morning at 11 a.m. and The Beat is live. These ladies are talking news, politics and pop culture and they are not pulling punches. But today, something is different. Rumblings of a mysterious, world encompassing, and never-before-seen natural disaster have begun to trickle into the newsroom. Panic, chaos, entire countries disappearing, and the question on everyone’s mind is, “Whose fault is it, anyway?”

Book, Music and Lyrics by Britta Johnson

Director: Mary Francis Moore*
Choreographer: Esie Mensah

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Anikka Hanson

Bella Wolder

Danielle Dixon

Jaden Weber

Maxine Kenneally

Nicole Sherwin

Taurian Teelucksingh

Theo Mattias (narrator)


The Last Broadcast, Theatre Sheridan, Musical Theatre

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Theatre and Performance Studies


The Last Broadcast is one of 5 works that is part of the First Drafts series that reimagine, reconstitute, and reanimate the Western “musical theatre canon” in a way that acknowledges the truth of where we are now and where we hope to go. First Drafts is grounded in an urgency to make space for stories that must be told now and must continue to be prioritized in our art form.

We are releasing these works in a variety of media that reflect the hybrid delivery model of our work and learning in the past year. Four of the works have been recorded as podcast-style audio recordings, accompanied by production-style photos that showcase the costumes and sets that were designed and built for these works. The fifth production was rehearsed and presented fully online. Both a video recording and an audio recording of that piece are shared here.

Thank you to all our guest artists and staff for your support and dedication as we navigated this journey. Most importantly, thank you to our students — both from our Honours Bachelor of Music Theatre Performance Class of 2021 and from our Advanced Diploma in Technical Production for the Performing Arts Industry — for your hard work, perseverance and unrelenting commitment as First Drafts was brought to life.


Faculty of Animation, Arts & Design


Theatre and Performance Studies

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Moore, M.F. (Director). ( 2021). The Last Broadcast [Theatre Performance]. Oakville: Theatre Sheridan.

The Last Broadcast, 2021

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