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The process: it's a moment, but the end is worth it. When twelve talented humans come together...magic is made.

Choreographer: Shakeil Rollock

The Chorines
Inspired by the chorus girls of the 1940's, this new dance work will feature hyper-synchronized choreography, while honing the individual expressions of the performers as they pay homage to some of the most memorable female stage performers of the chorus girl era.

Choreographer: Natasha Powell
Composer : Waleed Abdulhamid

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MacDonald Heaslip Hall, Sheridan College


Working Title
Vinnie Alberto (he/him)
Hailey Christie-Hoyle
Anthony Goncharov
Ella Grant
Olivia Keady
Amanda Macevicius (she/her)
Liam Mcgibbon
James Petrasiunas (they/him)
Aimee Tremblay Woodman (she/her/elle)
Travae Williams
Daniel Yeh
Michelle Yu (she/her)

The Chorines
Veronique Beaudet (she/they)
Caitlin Collingwood
Theresa Cotton (she/her)
Rhiannon Hoover (they/them)
Mikayla Kwan (she/her)
Maya Lacey
Jordan Melnyk
Madelyn Miyashita (she/her)
Grace Rockett


Working Title, The Chorines, dance shows, Sheridan, musical theatre

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Rollock, S. [Choreographer], Powell, N. [Choreographer]. (February 2022). Dance pieces. [Theatre Performance]. Oakville: Theatre Sheridan.

Dance Pieces, February 22nd - 28th



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