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Inspired by the real Candlewood Lake in the Hudson Valley, a hotbed of UFO activity in the 1980s. This musical follows a UFO-obsessed Cindii who dreams of being abducted by aliens. Under the watchful eye of a sceptical community, she is in search of a reason to stay in town. Asking (and perhaps answering) the big question “Are We Alone?”, Candlewood Lake is an exploration of strength in community and the lengths we go to find meaning and belonging.

Music Director: Oli Jackson
Writer: Carol Grose
Composer: Tim Phillips

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Production Year


Theatre Location

Macdonald Heaslip Hall


Cindii Ellen Vize: Josie Smith
Dr J Harlan Ackerman/DJ Ricky/Old Glen: Zachary Boulanger
Cosmo Brackett: Matt Dekort
Margie Brackett/Rory: Kate Malcic
Wendy Brightly: Emma Davidson
Doug Costello: Jean Blandon
Jerry Burke: Tanner Hamlin
Stu Sadoff: Declan Hewitt
Merideth Sadoff: Saffron Hyde
Officer Nat Kovich: Delia Clark-Bautista
Kelly Corso: Sierra Gibb-Khan
Herb Corso/Steven Madden: Aiden Glenn
Charlie/V3: Rebecca Ann Ward
Sue/V1: Belle Lemieux-Chan
Hank/Dan Ackroyd: Eamon Stocks
Chuck Larkin/V2/THE GENERAL: Jason Dauvin
Maddison Denault/AGENT DRINKWATER: Mikayla Miyashita
Iris: Olivia McCulloch
Helen Innocenti/Buster: Eden Chiam


Candlewood Lake, Sheridan, musical theatre

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Serna, D.. (Director). (2023, October 18). Candlewood Lake. [Theatre Performance]. Oakville: Theatre Sheridan.

Candlewood Lake



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