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BOLD STROKES productions are Sheridan’s Independent Student Productions. This year’s production is two one-act productions entitled Elizabeth, and Tunnel Vision.


Conceived, Directed & Choreographed: Kyle Golemba

Artistic Direction: Scot Denton

Lighting designed: Adam Stewart

Tunnel Vision

Story by Dan Falk, music & lyrics by Daniel Abrahamson

Directed & Choreographed: Trevor Hayes

Musical Direction: Christopher Mounteer

Artistic Direction: Scot Denton

Publication Date


Production Year


Theatre Location

Studio Theatre, Sheridan



Young Elizabeth: Rebecca Stewart
Elizabeth: Adele Campbell
Annie: Lana Sugarman
Tamara: Carrie Lynn Neales
John: Vicente Pimentel
Jim/Thom/Friend: Dan Dyer
Eric/Friend/Son: Dustin Redshaw
Mark/Friend: Billy Lake
Theresa/Friend: Rhoslynne Bugay
Ensemble: Andria Angelosante, Rachel Brittain, Rhoslynne Bugay, Danielle Getz, Stefanie Lyall, Justin Ruttan, Alanna Stone, Jennifer Walls

Tunnel Vision

Joyce: Erin Pim
Lyle: Zac Hutton
Warren: Nick Watson
James: Jeigh Madjus
Chase: Billy Lake
Allan: Daniel Brenner
Reporter: Andria Angelosante
Camera Operator: Rachel Brittain
Lindsay: Danielle Getz
Candice: Stefanie Lyall
Reporter, Policeman: Justin Ruttan
Boom Operator: Alanna Stone
Ashley: Jennifer Walls


Bold Strokes, Tunnel Vision, Elizabeth, Sheridan’s independent student productions, Theatre Sheridan, musical theatre

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Original Citation

Golemba, K. (Director). (2005, February 17 – 26). Elizabeth [Theatre Performance]. Oakville: Theatre Sheridan.

Hayes, T. (Director). (2005, February 17 – 26). Tunnel vision [Theatre Performance]. Oakville: Theatre Sheridan.

Bold Strokes: Elizabeth & Tunnel Vision, February 17 – 26, 2005



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