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A musical comedy created by Cliff Jones exploring the hopes and dreams of babies by babies.

Anyone who is a parent or has baby-sat, or for that matter remembers being a kid, can identify with Babies and their challenges and attitudes towards that big, wide, wonderful, scary world that stands before them or that dark abyss that they seem to be creeping towards.

Imagine A Chorus Line in the hospital nursery. Babies from one day old to two weeks old singing and dancing about their hopes and dreams, and of course their futures!

Book, music and lyrics by Cliff Jones.

Director: Rod Maxwell

Choreographer: Stephen Greig

Musical Director: Jean Minielly

Publication Date


Production Year


Theatre Location

Sheridan Hall, Sheridan


Fiona: Tammy Sutherland
Everett: Andrew Innes
Mike: Jason Chesworth
Georgie: Cara Gowing
Cindy: M. J. Johnson
Sly: Ted Hallett
Tammy: Chantelle Wilson
Sid: John Dixon
Nadine: Kim Jamieson & Rebewz Shoichet
Robb: Randolph James Johnston
Jenny-Lee: Julie Laferriere & Krisma Melanee Travis
Booker: Jay Davis
Melanie: Gwen Carroll
Ashley: Sean Ban Beaton
Frannie: Samantha Collard
Eve: Tina Maddigan
Tracey: Sarah Strange
Heather: Aimee Lococo
Back ups: Rebecca Shoichet, Chantelle Wilson & M. J. Johnson
Dancers: Krisma Meianee Travis, Tina Maddigan, Samantha Collard, Cara Gowing & Aimee Lococo


Babies: Bless Them All, Theatre Sheridan, musical theatre

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Original Citation

Maxwell, R. (Director). (1996, November 14 - 30). Babies: Bless them all [Theatre Performance]. Oakville: Theatre Sheridan.

Babies: Bless Them All, November 14 – 30, 1996



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