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Catch a Rising Star showcased the 3rd year Performance Critiques and the 2nd year Dance Critiques, as a true collaboration of creativity. As part of their curriculum, each student was assigned the task of creating a showcase for their singing and dancing talents. For Catch a Rising Star, the Directors have taken the best of the best and created this extraordinary unique show, full of diverse musical styles and dances. Providing a showcase for the talents of some of Canada's most promising performers has become a tradition with Sheridan’s Music Theatre Department.

Catch a Rising Star is a window on the remarkable process and exciting activities within the Music Theatre Department - the development not normally seen! See why Theatre Sheridan graduates are hired to appear in such Toronto productions as Ragtime, RSVP Broadway, Sunset Boulevard, Beauty and The Beast and many, many more.

Director: Rod Maxwell & Mary Lu Zahalan

Musical Director: Alan Poaps

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Theatre Location

Sheridan Hall, Sheridan


Act I
Ms. Tina Maddigan: with Shawn Firlotte, Scott Freethy, Rob Glean, Julie Laferrière, Melanie Phillipson, Blaine Totten, Marianne Turner
Mr. Chris Bell-Smith: with Philip Nero
Ms. Rebecca Shoichet
Mr. Jason Chesworth: with Rob Glean, Julie Laferriere, Valerie Massé
Ms. Julie Laferrière
A Canadian Legend
Ms. Melanie Phillipson: with Sean Beaton, Matt Cassidy, Chris Bell-Smith
Ms. Chantelle Wilson: with Gwen Carroll, Julie Laferriere, Tina Maddigan, Melanie Phillipson
Mr. Andrew Pike: with Sarah Connell, Monté Gagné, Sherry Garner, Sarah Goddard, Kim Jamieson, Danielle Wolstat
Ms. Gwen Carroll: with Sherry Garner, Julie Laferriere, Rebecca Shoichet, Chantelle Wilson

Act II
Ms. Cara Gowing: with Samantha Collard, Scott Freethy, Andrew Pike, Liana Primerano, Blain Totten, Krisma Travis
Mr. Ted Hallett: with Gwen Carroll, M.J. Johnson, Kim Jamieson
Ms. Samantha Collard: with Krisma Travis
Mr. Chris Bell-Smith: with Franc-Anton
Mr. Anthony Malarky: with Rob Glean, Tom Speck, Blaine Totten
Ms. Genevieve Cholette: with Rob Glean, Valerie Massé, Twaine Ward
Ms. Sarah Rankin: with Philip Nero
Mr. Randy Johnston: with Gwen Carroll, Sherry Garner, Chantelle Wilson
Ms. Krisma Travis
Ms. Kim Jamieson: with Matt Cassidy, Shawn Firlotte, Valerie Massé, Liana Primerano, Elizabeth Theodosiou, Krisma Travis


Catch a Rising Star, Theatre Sheridan, musical theatre

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Maxwell, R., & Zahalan, M. L. (Directors). (1997, March 6 – 8). Catch a rising star [Theatre Performance]. Oakville: Theatre Sheridan.

Catch a Rising Star, March 6 – 8, 1997



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