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Fed up with a world filled with plagues, pestilence, and poor personal hygiene, a ridiculously optimistic young man sets out on a quest to end the Dark Ages. As he attempts to bring the light of hope to the world, Percival von Schmootz meets with hilariously disastrous results at every turn. It is only when things look the blackest that Percival is able to discover what true enlightenment means. A cross between Monty Python and Candide, this outrageous satirical comedy examines the ways we search for hope in our impossibly dark circumstances.

This musical was commissioned by The Canadian Musical Theatre Project and workshopped at Sheridan in 2014.

Director: Lezlie Wade

Musical Director: Wayne Gwillim

Publication Date


Production Year


Theatre Location

Studio Theatre, Sheridan


Percival: Jordan Kenny
Mother & Others: Gillian Reed
Flavian & Others: Nicola Hadjis
Brontis & Others: Stephane Gaudet
Widow & Others: Amanda Trapp
Mother Superior & Others: Jeff Follis
Hildegard & Others: Arinea Hermans
Copernileo & Others: Jordan Shore
Soldier & Others: Andrew MacNaughton


The Canadian Musical Theatre Project, The Enlightenment of Percival Von Schmootz, Theatre Sheridan

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Theatre and Performance Studies


Faculty of Animation, Arts & Design


Department of Visual and Performing Arts

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Original Citation

Wade, L. (Director). (2015, December 3 – 13). The enlightenment of Percival Von Schmootz. [Theatre Performance]. Oakville: Theatre Sheridan.

The Enlightenment of Percival Von Schmootz, December 3 - 13, 2015



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