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The show consists of a selection of second year dance critiques that showcase theatre students’ development of craft including concept development, casting, costuming and rehearsing. Join us once again to see the best singing-dancing-acting presentations that our "triple threat" performance students offer! High-energy performances, that evolve out of our dance and nightclub critiques, provide the opportunity to showcase works that fall outside the "classic Broadway" format. We guarantee you exciting and dynamic performances presented in a wide variety of styles and genres. Music Theatre graduates have showcased these same talents at auditions and have landed roles in the Toronto productions of Crazy for You, Miss Saigon, Forever Plaid, Rent, Ragtime, Mamma Mia! and The Lion King, as well as on stages in London's West End, the Charlottetown Festival, Stratford, Broadway, and around the world. The next generation of up-and-coming Canadian musical theatre performers were on stage at Theatre Sheridan!

Director: Rod Maxwell

Choreographer: Stephen Greig & Carol Forrest

Musical Director: Jean Minielly & Steve Thomas

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Theatre Location

Sheridan Hall, Sheridan


Aaron Walpole
Gina Marshall
Jackee Guillou
Michael Lomenda
Michelle Doyle
John Edwards
Stephanie O’Brien
Sarah McCully
Katherine Fadum
Amber Handley
Noah Henne
Jamie McKnight
Mark Huculak
Lucas Mercier
Jeremy Elder
Amanda Rose Moscar
Jamie Press
Lindsay Thomas
Chris Trussell
Heather E. Wilson
Starr Dominique
Ryan Wilson
Sarah Cornell
Tanja Hagenberg
Heather E. Wilson
Martha Farrell
Cathy Current


Catch a Rising Star, Theatre Sheridan, musical theatre

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Maxwell, R. (Director). (2001, February 7 – 24). Catch a rising star [Theatre Performance]. Oakville: Theatre Sheridan.

Catch a Rising Star, February 7 – 24, 2001



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