Fundraising Pitch: Little Italy

Victoria Berry, Sheridan College
Raul Persaud, Sheridan College
Kisha Yansen, Sheridan College


While researching Little Italy, it came to our attention that there are no existing homeless shelters, food banks, and most importantly; soup kitchens. Collectively, our goal is that we decided to each play the Leadership Role (George, 2018) to raise monetary funds and food donations at our planned fundraiser to contribute towards a soup kitchen to be implemented inside St. Agnes Church of Little Italy, Toronto. We believe it is important to include the homeless in the community and low-income members as they have the right to be fed and they each require healthy meals to survive. Our objectives are: receiving the church director’s approval to use their property and parking lot, ensure someone has or will obtain a Food Handler Certification to prepare and serve food to the public, and create/distribute flyers as well as advertise by word of mouth to raise awareness for the locals to participate and donate.