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ਡਿਮੈਂਸ਼ੀਆ, Dementia, Older Adults


There is a scarcity of culturally and linguistically appropriate dementia education material for the Punjabi-speaking population and this audio recording is a step towards filling that gap. The “Interacting with Persons with Dementia” audio recording, created in conversational Punjabi, includes scenarios that family members/caregivers may encounter while caring for persons with dementia. These scenarios include interactions relating to trouble sleeping, aggression, reluctance to take a bath, repetition, anger and misinformation. For each scenario an interaction is presented, followed by a narrator who comes in and discusses why the interaction was not ideal. The more ideal interaction is then presented followed again by the narrator highlighting why the second interaction was more ideal.

The scenarios in this recording have been created by Jasleen Kaur and Rajni Sharma, Students in the Social Service Worker-Gerontology program at Sheridan College. In addition, Jasleen pieced together the different audio files to create composite recordings of each scenario. Thank you to Beverley DiSalvia, Alzheimer's Society of Peel, for providing input into the case scenarios.

The scenarios in this podcast have been enacted by Sukhwinder Singh Wadhwa; Indra; Rachit Kalia, Anmol Singh, Jaspreet Kaur, Mandy Sidhu, Jasleen Kaur, Armaan Bir Singh, Mohit Bhardwaj and Rajni Sharma. Thank you for volunteering your time and creative efforts that made this recording possible while keeping in mind social distancing requirements.

The script and/or audio recordings were reviewed by Sarabdeep Bagla, Deepikaa Gupta, Jaspreet Kaur, Mandy Sindu, Puneet Grewal, Simran Rutherford, Noel Bhatia, Harinder Bhatia, Harraj Chahal, Harmit Chahal and Anita Pelia for language and cultural appropriateness. Any remaining mistakes are our own.

Thanks also to Katrina Chahal and Sakshi Saggi for their support.

We are very thankful to Sharon Bieck for her help in compiling the final audio recording. Music by Bieck-O'Shea. Thank you for the permission to use the same for this recording.

Thanks to Sanaya Chaze for creating the cover page. Cover image: Adobe Stock Photos.


Faculty of Applied Health & Community Studies (FAHCS)

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Groenenberg, N., Chaze, F., Freitas, D., Kaur, J. & Sharma, R. (2022). Interacting with persons with Dementia [Audio recording]. Sheridan College.


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