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Java Intelligent Tutoring System, JITS, Java programming, programming students


The Java Intelligent Tutoring System (JITS) was designed and developed to support the growing trend of Java programming around the world. JITS is an advanced web-based personalized tutoring system that is unique in several ways. Most programming Intelligent Tutoring Systems require the teacher to author problems with corresponding solutions. JITS, on the other hand, requires the teacher to supply only the problem and problem specification. JITS rigorously analyzes the student’s submitted code, determines the intent of the student, and intelligently guides the student towards a potentially unique solution to the programming problem. JITS is intended to be used by beginner programming students in their first year of College or University. This article discusses the process by which the design and development of JITS took place. JITS has been and is currently being field-tested at the Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning.


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