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Basic Oxygen Furnace slag, BOF slag, direct mineral carbonation, construction, binder, mortar strength


After direct mineral carbonation, a material rich in carbonates and with reduced quantities of free oxides is obtained. The aim of this work was to show that such materials can be used in the construction domain. Basic Oxygen Furnace (BOF) slag from the steelmaking process has been traditionally seen as unfit for bounded applications due to its propensity to swelling, resulting from hydration of its high free lime content. Here, BOF slag was crushed to suitable particle sizes, carbonated in an aqueous solution of carbonic acid, and utilized to replace 50% of natural sand aggregate in cement mortars. The mechanical and chemical properties of these mortars were compared to mortars containing non-carbonated slags, and a standard cement mortar as a reference. Tests were conducted to determine mortar flow and soundness, and cured mortar compressive strength and leaching tendencies. The results showed a satisfactory performance for all considered aspects (comparable with the reference) of the mortar sample containing 37.5 wt% (1.5 in 4 parts solids) carbonated BOF slag of


Faculty of Applied Science & Technology


School of Chemical and Environmental Sciences


5th International Conference on Accelerated Carbonation for Environmental and Materials Engineering


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This work was supported by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), through a PGS-D scholarship for Rafael Santos. For other acknowledgements please see the PDF, page 10.

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Bodor, M., Santos, R. M., Cristea, G., Salman, M., Cizer, Ö., Iacobescu, R. I., ... Van Gerven, T. (2015). Utilization of carbonated BOF slag as partial replacement of aggregate in cement mortars. Paper presented at ACEME 2015: The 5th International Conference on Accelerated Carbonation for Environmental and Materials Engineering, New York City, NY.