Document Type

Capstone Open Access

Faculty Supervisor

Magdin Stoica

Domain Experts

Cliff Hunt, Patti Jannetta and Don McVie from The Mississauga Music Walk of Fame

Date of Defense

Fall 12-8-2021


Faculty of Applied Science & Technology (FAST)

Program Name

Honours Bachelor of Computer Science (Mobile Computing)


Applied Computing


The Walk Experience Project reinvents the way in which visitors interact with a Walk of Fame.


The Mississauga Music Walk of Fame (MMWF) acknowledges the work of musicians and music industry members who have spent a considerable amount of time in Mississauga. Founded in 2012 and located in Port Credit Memorial Park, The Walk is home to the City’s most accomplished music industry talents. Noticing the lack of engagement at The Walk, the team aims to bring its stars into the 21st century through the introduction of digital innovations. The Walk Experience Project captures the imagination of its visitors and invites them to learn more about the City’s artists and their outstanding work allowing the Mississauga Music Walk of Fame to unlock its true potential. By developing an immersive experience available for mobile devices, visitors of The Walk open themselves to a magical interaction with musical legends, immersing themselves in their legacy. Also, the content management system provides a means through which those who maintain and enter individuals into The Walk of Fame can manage and update inductee content seen by its visitors. The proposed innovations will use augmented reality experiences to promote cultural heritage, and leverage data analytics. Through the acquisition of interactive analytics, the Committee has the potential to pitch and scale the idea to Walks of Fame all over the world. Being the first of its kind, the Walk Experience Project has the capability to be a true staple of how digital innovation can foster and celebrate community.