Document Type

Capstone Open Access

Faculty Supervisor

Magdin Stoica

Domain Experts

Amelia Sher

Date of Defense

Fall 12-10-2021


Faculty of Applied Science & Technology (FAST)

Program Name

Honours Bachelor of Computer Science (Mobile Computing)


Co-Cast main aim is to make the lives of the in-house Radio team more efficient. Connecting the ability of utilizing Mobile Computing to allow a content creator to have direct access to the interviewee submission on phone or modular device, making it easier to create content on the go. In addition, there is also a Cloud Computing aspect to the solution where the backend is developed as a potential cloud service to host all prompt submissions which will interact with other possible services.


We are currently living in a world surrounded by technology, making us very dependent on the little nitty gritty way of accomplishing tasks efficiently. Being mindful of the of the changes that are occurring upon us, we are compelled to helping where possible. Personally, Sheridan College pilots their very own campus radio station – Sheridan Life Radio (SLR) a member of the National Campus and Community Radio Association, whose main aim is to bring a little bit of everything to the table covering special occasions such as Canadian upcoming holidays, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day to motivational and inspirational podcasts. SLR primarily doesn’t only produce content for the college but for podcasting platforms such as Spotify, Google Podcasts and Apple Podcast. Hence, keeping in mind of the wide variety of topics that the SLR tackles, the most troublesome one happens to be the management of podcasts. Where the mode of operation for them currently is to have individuals chase producing – the act of finding guests, stories and angles and collaborative podcasting process. This process can be nerve-wreaking and frustrating. To help SLR overcome this problem a proposed solution is to have procuring audio clips to one stop location for the clip gathering cutting the stress and effect of people personally being out and about in the field. Since the proposed solution aims to make the way of operation smarted and less stressful for the SLR team it is called Co-Cast.