Document Type

Capstone Open Access

Faculty Supervisor

Haya El Ghalayini

Domain Experts

Jamie Goodfellow

Date of Defense

Fall 12-9-2021


Faculty of Applied Science & Technology (FAST)

Program Name

Honours Bachelor of Computer Science (Mobile Computing)


Applied Computing


StudySnap is an iOS mobile application designed to not only encourage collaborative learning among students and their peers but also to reduce the hassle and complexity of obtaining helpful and relevant study material. This document highlights the main components developed to create StudySnap, namely through the use of artificial intelligence-based technologies, as well as the overall development process and work completed by the team to deliver such a solution.


In today’s modern education world, there have been several emerging technologies that were created to expand the learning experience beyond the traditional pencil and paper. Such items include online planners and numerous online student resource websites, but some students may find that there are sometimes too many resources. With so many resources available to them, students may find it overwhelming and may not even know where to start when it comes time to study. StudySnap aims to solve the unorganized and cluttered nature of study time by combining a clean resource organization tool with a smart and automatic resource search engine that provides students with resources created by their peers that are specifically tailored to their needs. Using various cloud computing services, natural language processing techniques, and Optical Character Recognition (OCR), students will be able to access a variety of notes about various topics. The system will analyze the user’s interests or needs, and help find resources posted by other students that are specifically related to those needs. The user will then be able to select which notes they like, and view and rate the notes as needed. The goal is that by providing an all-in-one study system, students can remove some of the clutter that traditionally comes with studying and help get them the marks they are looking for.