Document Type

Capstone Open Access


Kevin Grzela

Faculty Supervisor

Cristina Ribeiro

Domain Experts

Margaret Crawford

Date of Defense

Fall 12-7-2021


Faculty of Applied Science & Technology (FAST)

Program Name

Honours Bachelor of Computer Science (Mobile Computing)


Application designed to support those living with Anemia by tracking specific vital signs and warning the user of a possible concern. Uses a wearable wristband to track user biometrics and relay back to device.


The problem examined in this capstone project is centered around the medical condition of anemia, specifically the kind causing iron deficiency. The main symptoms of iron deficiency anemia are extreme fatigue, fast heartbeat, shortness of breath, dizziness, light-headedness, cold hands/feet, and chest pain. This project proposes a solution of using an iOS mobile phone device paired with a custom watch/sensor developed by the team to assist the user in monitoring and managing their symptoms of anemia.

The mobile phone is the platform where users can log in, manage their profile details, view their current and past sensor data, schedule and receive notifications, connect with our chatbot, and experience various other integrated features. The mobile phone also holds the Altimeter sensor used to pull readings for elevation and air pressure, which can also contribute to symptoms but are secondary to heart rate and blood oxygen.

The custom watch device will send heart rate and blood oxygen sensor readings to the mobile phone every 5 seconds. There is no onboard UI needed for this device, so it can be miniaturized to look more like a bracelet and less like a watch.

We will use cloud computing functions to analyze user data every 5 minutes to detect if sensor readings are above or below the user-set thresholds. If an anomaly is detected, a push notification will be sent to the user’s phone, and the user also has the option to have a text message sent to an emergency contact of their choosing.

We expect this solution will minimize users visiting their doctor or an emergency room as they will be able to monitor and manage their symptoms before they reach a critical point and, in turn, will put less stress on the healthcare system and their body.


This capstone project was nominated by students and faculty in the Honours Mobile Computing degree program to present at the Applied Computing Capstone Showcase Event and awarded the best capstone project in the Honours Mobile Computing degree program.