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In 2016, the Creative Humanities initiative at Sheridan College was founded by Dr. Brandon McFarlane with the ambition of retooling the humanities by inspiring new approaches grounded in creative inquiry and critical innovation. We imagine optimistic futures for the humanities and higher education and engage in the struggle work necessary to manifest those utopian visions in our everyday lives.

The humanities have much to offer, particularly in terms of training the next generation of critical thinkers, mobilizing nuanced knowledge about highly complicated social and cultural processes, and producing new styles of problem solving that advance social justice and the public good. We believe serving our students and communities by facilitating transformative experiences and creating critical solutions to social and cultural challenges is essential for actualizing and showcasing the potential of the humanities for the 21st century.

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humanities, applied research, innovation, community engaged research, undergraduate research, experiential education, higher education


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Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences (FHASS)

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