The Outer Reaches of Inner Space: Creating Transformational Learning Cultures in Business Education

Golnaz Golnaraghi, Sheridan College
Ginger Grant, Sheridan College
Anne-Liisa Longmore, Sheridan College


Business education is under heavy criticism for failure to produce the workforce needed to meet the innovation challenge and needed 21st century graduate competencies. The faculty of Business at Sheridan College set out to develop a transformational blended pedagogical model anchored in a constructivist approach, to engage learners, instructors and employers with experiential learning and reflective practice. This longitudinal multi-method research project took place over two academic years within two business courses (Leadership Development and Creativity & Innovation in Business) with the objectives to measure the model’s efficacy. The findings provide evidence of high learner commitment and satisfaction with this model of learning and that interactivity of learners with other actors, context, context, experiences and reflections are important components of the learning process and intertwined.