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diaspora, race, Black and crime, news and conflict, The Voice


The Voice tabloid newspaper was founded in 1982 by Jamaican-born accountant Val McCalla. It is a diaspora media that campaigns for black immigrants in Britain especially on matters of race discrimination at the hands of the law enforcement agencies. During the 1980s, and in the wake of the Brixton riots, the tabloid secured huge circulation figures. Over its three decade reign, it has come to be known as ‘Britain’s Best Black Newspaper’ and has served the black community by giving them a voice where other mainstream media have largely failed. It has over the years been a thorn in the side of the establishment, campaigning on numerous issues and championing the plight of black people nationwide. Its main news is a mixture of features, sports and celebrity interviews. This paper looks at how the tabloid attempts to resolve the race and crime conflicts that surround the coverage of the black community, focusing on the 2011 London riots. It discusses its role and contributions to the diaspora black community in the resolution of conflict in news as presented by the mainstream media.


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Chama, B. (2017). Race and crime conflict in news coverage in Britain: The Voice tabloid newspaper. JOMEC JOURNAL, 11, 54-64. 10.18573/j.2017.10145


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