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transformational learning, reflection, phronesis, business education, multi-­methods, qualitative analysis, content analysis, Stanford creativity in business program


The demand for innovation within organizations is a world-­wide concern. In order for innovation to occur, creativity must first be unleashed in the individual. Education is under heavy criticism for failure to produce the workforce needed to meet the innovation challenge. The solution lies in the human imagination. Many have tried to ‘teach’ creativity which results in a prescriptive focus on tools and process but has limited, if any, emotional engagement. Emotion is a necessary component in engagement, as the creative drive is intrinsic, it originates from within. In order to increase innovation capacity in our organizations, we need to first increase creative capacity in individuals.

Further, creativity is personal; so the student dictates the context of reflection and explores the belief system that motivates exploration of the creative force. This is a constructivist approach to learning that seeks to transform the learning experience by having the student engage with their own story.

This longitudinal multi­‐method research project took place over two academic years within two business courses (Leadership Development and Creativity & Innovation in Business) with the objectives to measure the model’s efficacy. There was evidence of high learner commitment and satisfaction with this model of learning and that interactivity of learners with other actors, context, context, experiences and reflections are important components of the learning process and intertwined. This paper will focus on the outcomes from the Creativity & Innovation Business Course, specifically through the “Live-­Withs” – a critical reflection process, originally developed in the Stanford MBA Creativity in Business course. The longitudinal study is ongoing.


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