Joy in the Mundane: Winter 2022

The History of Chocolate

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Winter 2022


chocolate, history of chocolate, cocoa, chocolate production, chocolates medicinal purposes


For this guided history of chocolate our group chose to highlight key elements and moments in time from the year 1500 to present day. Starting in 1500, we chose the beginnings of chocolate and the main ingredient, cocoa. As well as the gods in which the original makers of chocolate believed in and how that related to chocolate. Moving forward to the 1700s our assignment highlights the history of colonialism and slavery, how it wasconsumed primarily for medicinal purposes and how that has changed as it relates to chocolate and how that relates to the inevitable mass production of chocolate moving into the 1800s. Our project provides context as to how the mass production of chocolate affects the consumption of chocolate moving into the 1900s. From this point chocolate production is consumer focused up until present day with a more familiar version of chocolate and the modern bars and various versions of the snack which can be purchased by the public.


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