Joy in the Mundane: Winter 2022

The Microphone – A History of Innovation

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Winter 2022


microphone, history of the microphone, microphone explained, microphone application


The project discusses the history of the microphone, from its invention in 1876 to date. Imagining a world without a microphone is very difficult. We have microphones being used in mobile phones, computers, security systems, hearing aids, audio recording, and many numerous devices use microphones. Imagining a life without a microphone is very hard, telephones communication would have never existed, music and songs may have never existed, technology like hearing aids would have never existed. The first part of the digital project provides an explanation of the microphone as a device, revealing the early microphone photos, audio recordings, its application and early uses, and the invention of the microphone. The later part of the project discusses the uses of the microphone and developments which have happened in the 21st century. These are the applications of the microphone which we are more aware about. Also discussing the developments of microphone and new uses. Some examples of new uses we have seen in the 21stcentury is Binaural audio, spatial audio; newer hearing aid technology, MEM, which increases the accuracy, speed of sensing audio signals with lower power consumption.


Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences (FHASS)

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