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Sheridan, Sheridan College, Practical Experience, Theatre Program


The theme of the project was ‘Building Community at Sheridan’. Our project included an archival exhibit and an interview exhibit. The archival exhibit talked about how a special type of computer terminal was given to students to help them emulate real-world scenarios with air traffic, which would allow students to improve their skills and understanding of the technology in the real world.

The interview exhibit involved interviewing an alumni professor and former program coordinator, Ron Cameron-Lewis. The interview exhibit included a brief summary of Cameron-Lewis’ biography and a brief summary of how his work was relevant to students by giving examples of his alumni who had moved on to big careers.

Our group was able to work together asynchronously to accomplish the group work we did. Our members played various roles in our public history project. Mike was often at the forefront of getting everyone together to make sure all our tasks were completed in a timely and efficient manner. Ken played professional and understandable recordings and edits of the audio files. Wasi’s use of proficient English was leveraged to write in an understandable and concise manner. Bambi helped provide research and references throughout the project. Overall, everyone in our group played important functions in efficiently completing the history project.


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