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Sheridan College has always been dedicated to fostering a strong sense of community among its diverse student body. Through our project, we aim to explore and celebrate the various ways in which the college has encouraged the formation of connections and built a vibrant community throughout its history. In this publication, we will present two exhibits that showcase the spirit of building community at Sheridan's Trafalgar campus: the Alumni Exhibit and the Archive Exhibit.

The Alumna Exhibit delves into the story of the Sheridan Sun Room of the 1970s, which served as the heart of student life and nurtured a strong sense of community among its occupants. We have included an image of the Sun Room and the experiences of cherished alumna Linda Dalton. Through her anecdotes, we gain insight into the supportive environment that was fostered in the Sun Room, where friendships were forged, and a strong sense of belonging was nurtured.

By focusing on the impact of the Sun Room on the student community and highlighting the importance of fostering connections, we aim to inspire current and future students to value the relationships they form during their time at Sheridan. The Alumni Exhibit serves as a testament to the ongoing commitment to building community at Sheridan College, demonstrating how the college has continued to evolve and adapt to the changing needs of its students.

The Archive Exhibit highlights the International Students Association (ISA) and its crucial role in supporting the international students at Sheridan. We have included an image of an ISA event, showcasing the vibrant and diverse community that the organization fosters. The exhibit delves into the history of the ISA, its formation, and the various resources and events it provides to international students, such as academic assistance, social events celebrating different cultures, and other support services.

By shedding light on the efforts of the ISA in helping international students adapt to life at Sheridan and in Canada, we emphasize the importance of inclusivity and understanding in creating a thriving college community. This exhibit showcases how Sheridan has consistently made efforts to ensure that all students, regardless of their background, feel welcomed and supported during their time at the college.

Our project not only highlights the theme of building community at Sheridan Trafalgar but also showcases the teamwork skills, creativity, and writing abilities of our group. The development of these exhibits involved close collaboration, extensive research, and thoughtful content creation to ensure that the stories presented are engaging, informative, and true to the spirit of Sheridan College.

In conclusion, the publication presents two exhibits that explore different aspects of building community at Sheridan College. Through the Alumni Exhibit and the Archive Exhibit, we hope to engage viewers and inspire them to value the connections they form during their time at Sheridan. We are proud of the work we have accomplished on this project and believe it serves as a testament to our dedication, creativity, and teamwork.


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