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Sheridan, Sheridan College, SCAET, computer science


This project was completed by Arash Nouri, Liam Alexander, and Jaime

Velasquez for a VR exhibit celebrating Sheridan’s recent 50th anniversary. We were tasked with researching Sheridan’s history and crafting stories for every unique location

on campus, as well as interviewing alumni from Sheridan to understand how things have changed here over the years.

We chose to investigate the history of the SCAET building, which has now become the iconic face of the Trafalgar campus. It’s an eye-catching glass building that draws the attention of visitors, many of whom chose to take pictures of themselves next to the Sheridan S sculpture in front of the building.

We also had the opportunity to interview Jim Greer, one of the first Computer Science graduates at Sheridan and a longtime Sheridan employee who has personally witnessed the rapid pace of technological growth and adoption at the college. Through our interview we learned about what Sheridan was like in the 70s and what a day in the

life of a Computer Science student entailed. We found ourselves relating to his story because we’re all graduates of the Interaction Design program and have our experiences with computers and programming. A highlight for us was an early project where Jim and his classmates were tasked with programming a basic calendar on their own.

Interaction Design students such as ourselves completed a similar project early on in

our own programming courses.

The stories of the inception of SCAET building and Jim’s time here in the 70s both shed light on the aspirations of the college in the decades leading up to the information boom of the 21st century and the various high-tech, industry-leading programs offered here that train students for the jobs of the future.


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