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The final project of the Winter 2023 Public History course concerned itself with creating a tangible slice of public history for Sheridan College, the very school we attend. The goal was to build community at Sheridan, something that was desperately needed after nearly three years of disconnected learning as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. In order to do so, each group was tasked with creating two interactive displays to be featured around the campus, with the sources for the project coming from old Sheridan archival material, and from an interview with a past Sheridan professor; one display from each information source. The exhibits that were decided upon by our group were a pie fight between a couple that attended Sheridan, and the story of a professor's journey in creating a postgraduate program for film students, located from the Sheridan Sun newspaper and our wonderful interviewee, Vladimir Kabelik, respectively. The pie fight was selected as a fun, lighthearted article to showcase Sheridan as a fun, zany place where connections are built, as the couple themselves were not even in the same program. Vladimir Kabelik’s article, however, was far more focused on the meaning and pursuit of academia, something that rings true with his belief that “education is a mission, not a business.” Vladimir escaped Czechoslovakia during the Cold War, and having come from a long line of filmmakers, decided that Canada was the place to go to follow his dreams and continue the legacy. After finding himself teaching at Sheridan in 1984, Vladimir ended up taking the lead in creating the Advanced Film and Television program fifteen years later, in 1999. His story is one worth telling, both due to the inspiring circumstances of his journey to Sheridan, but also as a testament to the quality of the staff and programs that Sheridan College can provide. All-in-all, this project required hours of research into archival material, the completion of research ethics training, and one very fruitful alumni interview. Hopefully the effort put into the project is not lost on those who read the articles and find themselves ever so much more in touch with what it means to be part of Sheridan.


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