Submissions from 2024

Gayle Rubin, Andy, Megan, Jiaxi, Cananran, and Amanjot

Dan Levy, Annie, Tre, Irene, and Liam

Frida Kahlo, Cait, Bo, Rileigh, Mohriz, and Radhika

Wachowski Sisters, Daphne

Miley Cyrus, Erecca, Leila, Alejandro, and Abiy

Caitlyn Jenner, Jay, Sarah, Micheal, and Lam

Sappho, Mavis, Erin, Graham, and Rowan

Marsha P. Johnson, Rayanna, KC, Julia, and Thai

Ellen Degeneres, Tamesha, Hanieh, and Gabriela

Keith Haring, Victoria, Chloe, Sam, Isaac, and Mohann

Submissions from 2023

SuperQueero: Freddie Mercury, Amber, Deijahna, Sydney, William, and Aiden

Superqueero: Elliot Page, Andrea, MIchael, and Nimra

SuperQueero: ND Stevenson, Bella, Chen, Colin, Rose, and Sejin

Superqueero: Rebecca Sugar, Ivy, Sarah, and Wendy

SuperQueero: Freddie Mercury, Kara, Amber, and Trevina

Superqueero: Tomson Highway, Nicole