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music, musical composition, musical behaviour, software music composition system, software music composition tools


This paper briefly discusses a number of software tools developed at the author's studio through the course of research work into algorithmic composition. Most of the tools developed are directly related to recursive techniques; some, however, arise from more general techniques of algorithmic composition first described by Joseph Schillinger.

Examples of recursive techniques include:
• META-FRACTALS - separating musical content from recursive structure
• the Lorenz attractor and Koch snowflake as musical generators
• Iterated Function Systems as musical generator
• dynamic values in the logistic equation and the Mandelbrot set.

Non-recursive tools include:
• the Intelligent Interval Tool - a form of limited contrapuntal intelligence
• the Harmonic Activator - Schillinger arpeggiation tool
• the Arbitrary Pattern Generator
• the smart duration operator
• the Granulator - applying a granular synthesis process at the note-level

It is hoped that the brief descriptions of these functions will stimulate the imagination of other composers.


Faculty of Animation, Arts & Design (FAAD)


Proceedings of the Fourth Biennial Arts and Technology Symposium.

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Degazio, B. (1993). New software composition tools. In Proceedings of the Fourth Biennial Arts and Technology Symposium (pp. 15-26). Connecticut: The Center for Arts and Technology at Connecticut College.


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