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A football musical set in the Roaring Twenties at Tait College and explores young love, college popularity, football, and making the grade. Tom Marlowe, a football star with negligible marks at Tait College must pass the grade in order to play in the upcoming game and falls in love with his tutor, Connie Lane.

By Laurence Schwab & B. G. DeSylva, done in a cabaret style.

Director: Rod Maxwell

Choreographer: Maureen Shone

Musical Director: Don Graves

Publication Date


Production Year


Theatre Location

Sheridan Hall Theatre


Bobby Randall Sr.: Chris Gibson
Sally: Nancy Webster
Slats: John Douglas Lee
Millie: Sheila Beausoleil
Flo: Cyd Craig
Babe O’Day: lole Fabbro
“Beef” Saunders: Michael Mattina
“Pooch” Kearney: Gregory Lipton
Cora Johnson: Chris Spear
Tom Marlowe: Tim Gammon
Patricia Bingham: Deborah Ann Worobec
Sylvester: Barry Smitheram
Constance Lane: Cathy Kinsman
Bobby Randall: Darryl Thistel
Charlotte Kenyon: Sue Walton

Chorus Sue Campkin, Chuckie Clark, Anna Cuschieri, Christine Falaleeff, Debbie Haddad, Mayilyn Hood, Ann Jackson, Jan Kruchak, Cheryse LaRocque, Greg Lawson, Katherine MacKenzie, Kim McGrath, Ginny Metcalfe, Shirley Mills, Andrea Nicol, Shelley Park, Maxine Passer, Wendy Pawson, Ross Perego, Janice Romagnoli, Marion

Schwan, Lizza Sendzimir, Scott Shepherd, Paul Slingsby, Debbie Smith, Katheryne Stewart, Olwen Urquhart, Ted Waleski, Marty Wallace, Virginia Wardell, Karen Willis, Kim Worobec, Mary-Lu Zahalan


Good News, Theatre Sheridan, musical theatre

Terms of Use

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Theatre and Performance Studies


Faculty of Animation, Arts & Design


Department of Visual and Performing Arts

Original Citation

Maxwell, R. (Director). (1979, April 19 – 28). Good news [Theatre Performance]. Oakville: Theatre Sheridan.

Good News, April 19 – 28, 1979



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