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A musical that looks at life from the perspective of an infant, offering an innovative, amusing means of satirizing an all-too-often absurd adult world. The play centres on the first few days of a very diverse set of babies. The group includes an orphan, a magician, an accident, a baseball player, a pianist, an actress, a cowgirl, a nursery prankster, and the know-it-all. This ensemble of characters’ sings, dances, crawls, laughs and cries, all so believably and to the audience’s delight.

A musical based on the book by Cliff Jones

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Sheridan Hall Theatre


Toots (baby know-it-all): Christy Hughes
Eve (baby actress): Tracy Forster
Orphan baby: Anne Millard
Sid (baby prankster): Phillip Hughes
Booker (baby pianist): Randy McCormack
Doll: Geoff Whynot
Doll: Edie Jarvis
Other cast: Kathy Julian, Susan Greenfield, Lawrence Mashusky, Mike Donald, Pamela Dunsmoor, Phillip Forster

SOURCE note: this cast list is not complete. Cast details taken from the “Sheridan Sun” March 5, 1987 and March 26, 1987 issues.


Babies, Theatre Sheridan, musical theatre

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Original Citation

Babies [Theatre Performance]. (1987, March 4 – 28). Oakville: Theatre Sheridan.

Babies, March 4 – 28, 1987



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