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This play with music is a dark comedy that begins after an apocalyptic event has left the world void of electricity. Every moment a struggle for survival, people turn to storytelling for entertainment to distract them from the cataclysmic horrors they have endured. Set over the course of 75 years, Mr. Burns explores how stories and myths evolve over time all while recounting the adventures of the most famous family on TV, the Simpsons.

Director: Mitchell Cushman
Choreographer: Nicola Pantin
Music Director: Adam Sakiyama

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Theatre Location

Studio Theatre


Matt: Emry Tupper (he/they)
Jenny: Izzy Lee Bergman (they/them)
Maria: Brooke Mitchell (she/they)
Sam: Declan Hewitt (he/him)
Colleen: Mikayla Myashita (she/her)
Gibson: Emma Davidson (she/her)
Quincy: Eden Chiam (she/her)
Edna: Sierra Gibb-Khan (she/her)
Bart: Sarah Dennison
Homer: Zachary Boulanger
Marge: Josie Smith (she/her)
Lisa: Olivia McCulloch (she/her)
Burns: Izzy Eryavec (she/her)
Itchy: Julia Maclean (she/her)
Scratchy: Aiden Glenn (he/him)


Mr. Burns, Sheridan, musical theatre

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Theatre and Performance Studies


Faculty of Animation, Arts & Design

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Cushman, M. (Director). (2023, December 5 – 11). Mr. Burns. [Theatre Performance]. Oakville: Theatre Sheridan.

Mr. Burns



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