Revisiting Circular-based Random Node Simulation

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stochastic geometry, Monte Carlo simulation, spatial distribution, cellular communication, statistical modeling, statistical analysis, mobile radio, network geometry, cellular radio, mobile communication, path loss, network deployment


In literature, a stochastic model for spreading nodes in a cellular cell is available. Despite its existence, the current method does not offer any versatility in dealing with sectored layers. Of course, this needed adaptability could be created synthetically through heuristic means. However, due to selective sampling, such practice dissolves the true randomness sought. Hence, in this paper, a universal exact scattering model is derived. Also, as an alternative to exhaustive simulation, a generic close-form path-loss predictor between a node and a BS is obtained. Further, using these results, an algorithm based on the superposition principle is proposed. This will ensure greater emulation flexibility, and attain a heterogeneous spatial density.


Faculty of Applied Science and Technology (FAST)

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