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Ginger Grant contributed the chapter “Creative due diligence” in the book University-based entrepreneurship centres in Canada: Strategies and best practices

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Today, the existence of new technologies allow a new connectedness between corporations and clients, storytellers and brand audiences. The resulting “digital stories” incorporate the new science of visual analytics and current strategic and market research. The digital story becomes a strategic marketing tool – both for internal and external use. Visual analytics provides the scientific underpinning for the art of entrepreneurship – allowing for the development and growth of a more creative approach to business.

The methodology used to capture the story comes from the Stanford Graduate School of Business “Creativity in Business” program and has a 30-year track history of high performance. The Hero’s Journey Map was drawn from the work of Joseph Campbell – and is a popular frame for both students and business owners. Emphasis is placed on the discovery and articulation of the core belief system that drives the individual and the organization that results in a corporate culture that drives performance.

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7 December 2016: At the time of publication, Sheridan College author Ginger Grant was associated with Simon Fraser University



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John Dobson Foundation funded the research and publication.

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Grant, G. (2009). Creative due diligence. In T.V. Menzies (Ed.), University-based entrepreneurship centres in Canada: Strategies and best practices (pp. 147-155). St. Catharines, ON: Brock University.

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