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Aging in Place, Transportation Services Connected Communities, Accessibility, Innovative, Technology, Age-friendly communities


This research is about understanding the wishes of most Canadians aged 65 and older who prefer to stay in their homes as they age. The researcher initially focused on universal design; however, after reviewing the literature, the researcher realized there was a need for service delivery in addition to Universal design for those aging at home. Transportation is a challenge when aging in place. Transportation is needed to help older adults access essential services. The researcher was interested in improving transportation services for those who want to age in their homes. Not all transportation services are set up to meet the unique needs of older adults. Also, the further older adults live away from urban cities, the harder it is for them to access specialized transportation services and stay connected to their community. The main goal of this research was to talk to transportation experts to understand these issues and develop ideas for making transportation services more friendly for older adults and keeping them connected to their communities while they age.


Faculty of Applied Health and Community Studies (FAHCS)


Bachelor of Social and Community Development

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