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international students, post-secondary students, Canada, Ontario, housing, educationla experience


Housing is a primary concern for international students. This is especially true for students whose post-secondary institution has no or very explicitly limited designed residences and must rely on private market housing. The research seeks to answer the following two questions: What are the challenges experienced by international students in securing suitable housing, and how do housing-related challenges impact international students’ educational experiences? Thirty-three participants engaged in an anonymous survey using Microsoft Forms. Evidence was collected about international student’s experiences, including housing challenges and successes. One of the critical findings revealed during students’ search for housing was that it caused student’s significant stress. The other main findings are the lack of suitable (availability) and the astronomical cost(affordability) of housing. One recommendation from this research is for all levels of government to collaborate with post-secondary institutions to enable them to build more on-campus housing-quickly. Additionally, a four-pronged approach is recommended to support international students, which includes developing first-year-on-campus accommodations, providing peer-to-peer mentoring from second-year students who live in the community, and inviting alumni to share their housing successes and challenges at round tables and develop ways to support this unique international student community in tandem with leadership and decision- makers.


Faculty of Applied Health & Community Studies (FAHCS)


Bachelor of Social and Community Development

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