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intergenerational arts programming, mental health


This research project looks at intergenerational arts programs and seeks to answer the question of how we can better support intergenerational arts programs in a variety of settings within the community. Specifically, this study will give us a better understanding of how people interpret intergenerational arts programs and what they believe will help support these programs. A better understanding of supports for intergenerational arts programs is important because it will help foster a greater variety of programs for the public as well as how to help those programs flourish in our communities. To complete this research project 5 interviews were conducted by participants from the Hamilton community involved in recreational activities. Through these interviews the result was that there is interest in intergenerational arts programming involving music and instruments in settings such as schools and community centres. The research also found that there is lack of or hard to find information about intergenerational programming available to the public. These results will help in supporting intergenerational arts programs within the community.


Faculty of Applied Health & Community Studies (FAHCS)


Bachelor of Social and Community Development

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