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food insecurity, elderly, Canadian government, recession


The research focuses on individuals aged 55+, who attend food banks. A purposive sample size of 5 was selected using in-person interviews with open-ended questions. The study aims to better understand how the elderly manage food poverty in the context of global and Canadian recessions, as well as to assess their opinions of the Canadian government's effectiveness in reducing food insecurity among the elderly during the current inflation. The analysis identified seven themes: challenges in obtaining quality food, food inflation consequences, recommendations, food banks' recommendations, perceptions, government response, and future concerns. According to the study, following the pandemic, the low-income elderly are experiencing food inflation, particularly for healthy meals. People reacted by eating less healthful food and turning to food banks. Participants suggested increased government intervention, better workplaces, and better food delivery alternatives. This study focuses on a qualitative exploration of food insecurity experiences among the elderly, unlike previous quantitative studies that lacked consideration for their perspectives. The government is encouraged to take a more focused approach by incorporating the impacted population's experiences into the policy-making process. This includes building direct involvement methods, such as advisory committees to guarantee a detailed awareness of their individual difficulties and requirements.


Faculty of Applied Health & Community Studies (FAHCS)


Bachelor of Social and Community Development

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Abdulrahem, I., (2024). Food insecurity among elderly in The GTA [Unpublished poster]. Sheridan College.


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