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international students, employment


This quantitative study delves into the challenges encountered by international students in their pursuit of employment and proposes strategies to support them in navigating the workforce. Focusing on 18 international students, both undergraduates and graduates, from Sheridan College and beyond, the research highlights prevalent barriers hindering their employment prospects. Findings reveal that 50% of participants identify significant hurdles impeding their job search, while 73% acknowledge various factors influencing international students' employment opportunities. The study underscores the necessity of shedding light on these challenges to devise effective support mechanisms. By understanding the complexities of international students' job-seeking experiences, interventions can be tailored to address specific barriers they encounter. Ultimately, supporting international students in navigating the workforce is paramount for facilitating their integration into the job market and achieving their employment aspirations. This research contributes valuable insights into the dynamics of international students' employment challenges and underscores the importance of targeted support initiatives.


Faculty of Applied Health & Community Studies (FAHCS)


Bachelor of Social and Community Development

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Alaka, A. (2024). The Struggle Of International Students Seeking Employment [Unpublished poster] Sheridan College.


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