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international students, studying abroad, housing, Ontario housing


This study addresses the research question on factors influencing housing preferences and experiences among international students in Canada. It investigates the housing challenges encountered by international students through online platforms, utilizing convenience sampling to select participants from diverse backgrounds. The survey, comprising both closed-ended and open-ended questions, explores demographic information, cost, location, cultural considerations, and housing quality and was completed by 23 international students. A mixed-methods approach was employed to analyze quantitative and qualitative data, aiming to unveil variables shaping preferences and experiences in the complex housing landscape for international students. Emphasizing ethical considerations, the study ensures informed consent, participant confidentiality, and oversight from the university's research ethics board. Research results hold potential to inform policies and programs aimed at improving housing circumstances for international students in Canada. By addressing obstacles faced by this demographic, the research contributes to a comprehensive understanding of their needs, fostering a welcoming environment conducive to foreign students' educational pursuits in the country.


Faculty of Applied Health & Community Studies (FAHCS)


Bachelor of Social and Community Development

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Al-Dury, S., Kalassina, G.,Shalaby, M. (2024). Understanding housing challenges of international students in Canada [Unpublished poster]. Sheridan College.


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