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Black female, entrepreneurs, Ontario, Canada


This research investigates the challenges encountered by Black female entrepreneurs in Ontario, aiming to identify key barriers and necessary support systems. Utilizing a survey-based mixed methods approach, the study delves into the experiences, motivations, and support requirements of this historically marginalized and underrepresented demographic. Through targeted survey administration, the research gained insights into the multifaceted challenges hindering the entrepreneurial endeavors of Black women in Ontario. By focusing on the lived experiences, motivations, and perceived support needs of six black female entrepreneurs, the study aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the unique obstacles they face in the entrepreneurial landscape. The findings of this study are expected to shed light on the major barriers confronting Black female entrepreneurs, thereby informing the development of targeted interventions and support initiatives. By delineating the specific challenges faced by this population, policymakers, business support organizations, and other stakeholders can effectively allocate resources and design programs tailored to address their needs, fostering a more inclusive and supportive entrepreneurial ecosystem in Ontario.


Faculty of Applied Health & Community Studies (FAHCS)


Bachelor of Social and Community Development

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Bent, N. (2024). What are the major barriers facing Black female entrepreneurs in Ontario [Unpublished poster]. Sheridan College.