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Spring 2024


new immigrants, immigrants, refugees, marginalized communities, ethnic minorities, economy, job market


Canada welcomes new groups of people into their land, and as a result, the economy and job market undergo dynamic shifts leveraging the unique expertise brought forth by immigrants, refugees, and other marginalized communities. The Immigrants, who have choices to make a foreign land their permanent residence, enriching it with their contributions, while on the other hand, a Refugee, who has no decision on their part, and generally forced out due to dire circumstances. Canada tries to welcome certain groups of people, but the country undergoes effects, and overall influences its economic growth and resilience.

This public history project looks to cover specific groups of ethnic minorities who immigrate to Canada who sought work in their times under certain circumstances, and present the many ways they have managed to contribute to society regardless of said circumstances.


Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences (FHASS)

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