GOAL 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth



Submissions from 2022


International Students’ Lived Experiences: A Review of Literature, Amira El Masri and Noah Khan


Undergraduate Student Participation in Non-Curricular Research: Preliminary Findings, Bethany Osborne, Ferzana Chaze, Purnima George, Archana Medhekar, Kate Sullivan, and Israa Abdulrahem

Events from 2021

Sheridan's Centre for Mobile Innovation (Expo Booth), Edward Sykes

Submissions from 2020


Power, Politics, and Education: Canadian Universities and International Education in an Era of New Geopolitics, Roopa Desai Trikokekar, Amira El Masri, and Hani El Masry

International Education Policy in Ontario: A Swinging Pendulum, Roopa Desai Trilokekar and Amira El Masri

Submissions from 2019


International Education as Policy: A Discourse Coalition Framework Analysis of the Construction, Context, and Empowerment of Ontario's International Education Storylines, Amira El Masri

How Can Sheridan Students Be Effective Allies to Indigenous Communities While They Are at Sheridan and as They Enter the Field?, Bethany Osborne, Elijah Williams, and Ferzana Chaze

Open borders, closed minds: The experiences of international students in the Ontario labour market, Roopa Trilokekar, Kelly Thomson, and Amira El Masri

Events from 2018

Sheridan's Research Centres and Entrepreneurship Hub: Opportunities for participation, John Helliker, Lia Tsotsos, Edward Sykes, Spencer Idenouye, Michelle Chrétien, Renée Devereaux, and Michael Rubinoff


Reasoning about ideal interruptible moments: A soft computing implementation of an interruption classifier in free-form task environments, Edward R. Sykes

Research and Innovation at Sheridan College: What does it have to do with me?, Lia Tsotsos, Michelle Chrétien, Edward Sykes, Spencer Idenouye, Michael Rubinoff, and Renée Devereaux

Books from 2017

The Social Organization of South Asian Immigrant Women's Mothering Work, Ferzana Chaze

Submissions from 2016


Mobile Devices at the Cinema Theatre, Edward R. Sykes, Dilip Muthukrishnan, Yousif Al-Yousifi, Darren Spriet, and Krzysztof Pietroszek

Submissions from 2015


The Global Competition for International Students as Future Immigrants: The role of Ontario universities in translating government policy into institutional practice, Amira El Masri, Melisa Choubak, and Rashelle Litchmore


International Students as ‘Ideal Immigrants’ in Canada: A disconnect between policy makers’ assumptions and the lived experiences of international students, Colin Scott, Saba Safdar, Roopa Trilokekar, and Amira El Masri


Context-Aware Mobile Apps using iBeacons: Towards Smarter Interactions, Edward R. Sykes, Stephen Pentland, and Saverio Nardi

Submissions from 2014


Introduction From the Special Issue Editors: Preparing Graduate Students for a Changing World of Work, Bethany Osborne, Sara Carpenter, Megan Burnett, Carol Rolheiser, and Cynthia Korpan

Submissions from 2012


SQL Injection in Oracle: An Exploration of Vulnerabilities, Sid Ansari and Edward R. Sykes

Submissions from 2010


MPI Enhancements in John the Ripper, Edward R. Sykes, Michael Lin, and Wesley Skoczen