Don Wightman was a professor in the School of Visual Arts (now the Faculty of Animation, Arts and Design) from 1968 to 2000 at Sheridan College. Marg Wightman, Don’s wife, offered Sheridan a collection of Don’s teaching files and materials in 2019. The collection came in three large plastic storage bins containing a range of his pedagogical materials from photographs of historical and contemporary artwork mounted on matboard to use in presentations and lectures through to course outlines and assignment and technical information sheets. All of Don’s information sheets outlining art-and-design techniques and material use are illustrated with his own technical drawings. The collection is particularly rich in course material from the Creative Art, Art Fundamentals and Art and Art History Programs.

Please refer to the narrative biography of Don Wightman for more information about Don and the collection of his work in SOURCE.

Don Wightman (Video 1 & 2): Influencing art and design education at Sheridan


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