Three Faces of Racialized Oppression


Stacey Alderwick, EDI Officer, Centre for Equity and Inclusion Alicia Sullivan, EDI Coordinator, Centre for Equity and Inclusion



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What is racism? There is a familiar notion that racism is typically manifested in acts of discrimination and/or violence based on personal prejudices. However, the truth is racism is sustained by more complex factors beyond individual attitudes and behaviours. In this session you will be introduced to the three faces, or spheres, of racialized oppression and participate in identifying unintentional and subtle ways in which these may be exhibited in working and learning spaces.

Racism is more than a policy violation: it is a violation that impacts relationships, dignity, trust and safety and, therefore, ought to be addressed as such. Join this session to learn about anti-racist principles and actions to cultivate racial equity in the workplace and learning environments.

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racism, racialized oppression, discrimination, anti-racist principles, racial equity


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Three Faces of Racialized Oppression