Mental Health, Wellness and Self-Care During a Pandemic


Cherie Robertson, Director, Human Rights and Equity Initiatives as she engages in conversation with David Lewis-Peart – Lecturer (formerly with Sheridan), Writer, Public Speaker, and Alyse Nishimura, Counsellor, Sheridan’s Wellness and Counselling office.



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The unprecedented and ever-changing circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic have resulted in increased levels of stress, anxiety and depression for many. People who have underlying mental health conditions may find that the pandemic is exacerbating those conditions. In times of crisis and great uncertainty, it becomes more important than ever to attend to one’s mental health and wellness. How have members of the Sheridan community been coping with the pandemic? What are some positive and constructive ways that people can take care of themselves during the difficult circumstances we find ourselves in?

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COVID-19, pandemic, stress, anxiety, depression, mental health


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Centre for Equity and Inclusion

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Mental Health, Wellness and Self-Care During a Pandemic