Submissions from 2023


Contributing to a National Early Learning and Child Care System in Canada: An Environmental Scan of Early Childhood Policy and Programs, Yalin Gorica, Yasaman Jalali-Kushki, Mei Wang, and Jennifer Conforzi


Hearts + Minds Project Launch: Co-Creating Civic Engagement Opportunities with Indigenous and Black Young People, Fallon Melander, Abigail Salole, Shan Abbasi, Russell Adjekwei, Esrah Akasha, Shamas Berantuo, Yasmin Hashi, Joanne Levy, Michella Lim Mark, Cassandra Oluwasola, and Sharmin Sharif

Submissions from 2022

Far From Home, Christian Knudsen and Alia Somani

Submissions from 2021


Measuring Anxiety in Lewy Body Disease – Which Scale to Choose?, Isabel Paniak, Simon J. G. Lewis, and Kaylena A. Ehgoetz Martens

Submissions from 2020


Research Guidelines with Indigenous Peoples, Sheridan Research and Centre for Indigenous Learning and Support