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education, post-secondary education, design education, alternative education, deschooling, self-directed learning, design


With the ever-growing disruption of education by technology and the trend toward self-directed and autonomous learning, how might we reimagine legacy postsecondary design education in a “teacherless” society? Through a human-centred examination of today’s educational environment, this Major Research Project (MRP) derives 20 aspirational motivations at the heart of an independent

learning model. It reframes the disconnect between design academia and industry using an ’80s computer game and a Greek myth as fresh paradigms to uncover the value of strategic partnership, addictive learning, and platform-agnostic foundational training in preparing post-secondary design education for the future. This research offers four alternative worlds built around distinct sets of motivations and presents one in detail to illustrate a higher-value ecosystem of flexible locations, virtual spaces, and re-defined roles that empower tomorrow’s independent learner. Finally, a high-level road map outlines a stakeholder consultation and implementation plan (key activators, alliances, milestones, pitfalls, and metrics) to make this reimagined world a reality.


Submitted to OCAD University in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Design in Strategic Foresight & Innovation.


Faculty of Animation, Arts & Design

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