Tabloid Journalism in Africa

Tabloid Journalism in Africa


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This book provides a timely and important summary of tabloid journalism in Africa, which clearly shows how tabloids in the African context play a unique role in the democratization process. Prior to this book, very little was known about how tabloid journalists operate in Africa. The book first explores the global practice of journalism and then focuses on tabloid journalism – finally situating the discussion within the African context. As well as concentrating on how tabloid journalism can be seen as part of the broader neo-liberal thinking in Africa, in which democracy and freedom of expression is promoted, it also looks at how tabloid journalism practice has been met with resistance from the alliance of forces. Chama draws on examples from across the continent looking at success stories and struggles within the sometime infotainment genre. Tabloid Journalism in Africa concludes that even though challenges exist, there is a strong case to suggest that the practice of tabloid journalism is being readily accepted by many people as part of the unique voices of democracy – even those which might be shocking yet true.



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Palgrave Macmillan

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Chama, B. (2017). Tabloid journalism in Africa. Palgrave Macmillan.

Tabloid Journalism in Africa


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