SRCA Student Awards

The Sheridan SRCA Student Awards were created to celebrate excellence in student curricular and non-curricular scholarship, research and creative activities (SRCA). The awards recognize student involvement in a thesis, capstone or course-based research project, or as part of a funded or unfunded research project.


Books from 2021


Catching Criticality: A Zine About Critical Theory, Melodie Downey and Elisar Haydar


Criticali-Zine, Martin Gallagher and Robyn Miller


Putting Food on The Table Project Toolkit, Leigh Hayden, Kathryn Warren-Norton, Kate Dupuis, Lia Tsotsos, Sara Cumming, Heather Mazzonna, Heather Thompson, Donna Slater, Meaghan Richardson, and Chloe Shackelton

Dynamic Digital Humans, Garrett Hofland and Nathan Lapp


A Comparison of the Effects of Static Stretching Alone to Static Stretching Plus Slow Deep Breathing on Hip Flexion Range of Motion, Emilie Lamontagne and Trevor G. Cottrell


Flourish: Reducing Communication Issues in the South Asian Diaspora, Hamna Noor


Iteration on Interpretation: A Choose Your Own Adventure Zine, Alex Siklos and Wilson Chan