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Black entrepreneurs, racial identity, policy development, Ontario, Canada


This study delves into the experiences, motivations, and challenges encountered by Black entrepreneurs in Ontario, aiming to elucidate the distinctive aspects of their entrepreneurial trajectory. Employing a qualitative approach, in-depth interviews were conducted with five Black entrepreneurs, chosen to capture the nuanced needs and barriers faced by this underrepresented group. The research uncovers a spectrum of entrepreneurial motivations, ranging from personal passion to addressing market demands, juxtaposed with significant financial hurdles. Racial identity emerges as a prominent theme, with entrepreneurs frequently confronting biases and stereotypes. The findings underscore the imperative for inclusive financial support mechanisms and structured mentorship programs tailored to the needs of Black entrepreneurs. This study enriches our understanding of Black entrepreneurship in Ontario, emphasizing the necessity of targeted support initiatives to foster a diverse and inclusive business ecosystem. By shedding light on the unique challenges faced by Black entrepreneurs, the research advocates for policies and practices aimed at creating a more supportive and equitable entrepreneurial landscape.


Faculty of Applied Health & Community Studies (FAHCS


Bachelor of Social and Community Development

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Ojo, D. (2024). Voices of Black entrepreneurs in Ontario: Their challenges and needs [Unpublished poster]. Sheridan College.


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